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Day 153
2 Sam 19:11‐20:13, John 21:1‐25,Ps 120:1‐7, Prov 16:16‐17
Rooting out Rebellion
David had offered peace, pardon and restoration to those who had rebelled against him, including Sheba and Amasa.  Amasa publicly accepted, and then, deceitfully attempted to aid Sheba’s rebellion by taking his time to rally the King’s troops to go after Sheba.  When Joab caught up with Amasa, he saw the delaying tactic for what it was, rebellion, and administered the same judgement to Amasa as had been to Absalom.  Then Joab attempted to pursue Sheba—but Amasa’s body had become a distraction rather than a warning.  Joab’s young assistant had the wisdom to remove the body from the road so that the army could finally resume their pursuit of Sheba.
For some readers today, God’s word may be an encouragement to you to root out all forms of sin and rebellion in your own heart.  Sin is deceitful: stay alert and deal with it promptly and attentively.
For a few readers today, especially leaders in different settings, God’s word is one of caution to stay alert to those people and actions that would distract us from establishing God’s kingdom.  Remember that this chapter is all about David building up the kingdom, offering peace, pardon and restoration to those who were loyal and to those who previously rebelled.  Confront those who would distract and disrupt; and then stay focused on implementing the peace.  The first goal is always to establish the truth (Titus1:10, 11) including when necessary, to engage those who would lead God’s people astray.
The Rev. Loren Fox
Church of Our Savior
Palm Bay, FL
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